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Rating: 7/10. Solid Infocom fun.
Spoiler filled maps of Enchanter

The evil warlock Krill is doing great evil of the sort that evil warlocks do. He's too powerful for the Circle of Enchanters to directly confront. Fortunately a prophecy predicts that a young enchanter can slip into Krill's castle and defeat him. You, naturally, are that enchanter.

This is the first in the Enchanter/Sorcerer/Spellbreaker series. Enchanter breaks with Infocom's fantasy tradition. You've got clear motivation. Ignoring a few silly names (Why is the evil warlock named after small shrimp"?), the game is serious. The locations make logical sense; with just a few exceptions it feels like you're really exploring an evil warlock's castle. The puzzles mostly feel logical and well integrated. You are generally free to explore and experiment without being punished. Those few actions with are non-reversible and may lead to outright failure are generally well marked. All in all, a very solid piece of interactive fiction.

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