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Rating: 6/10. Mid-grade Infocom.
Spoiler filled maps of Sorcerer

Belboz, the head of the Circle of Enchanters, has disappeared. It's up to you to track him down.

This is the second in the Enchanter/Sorcerer/Spellbreaker series. Sadly Sorcerer is a step backward from Enchanter. You're occasionally killed with no warning. There is a timing puzzle in the beginning of the game for which you get no warning; if you fail to solve the puzzle (or even identify it) within the time limit, the game enters an unwinnable state that you many not recognize. While you have a clear long term motivation (save Belboz), it's not entirely clear why you're taking many short term tasks (why am I taking the time to play an amusement park game?). You explore strange and illogical places (who runs an amusement park in an abandoned section of cave?). Instead of an internally consistent world, Sorcerer feels like a bunch of random puzzle areas glued together. The game does feature a few good puzzles and scenes. In particular the entire coal mine scene, part of the end game, is great.

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