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Note: I'm very selective about who I list as a spammer. I'm quite confident in my assessment. The full details on how I decide to list someone as a spammer.

Gary Reeves, Artist in the Sky, LLC is a Spammer

Mr. Gary Reeves, or as I like to think of him, Gary, is a special case. I normally limit my spammer listings to people who spam me at work. I do this because it's a highly effective way of identifying spam; I'm extremely careful about who I give my work email address to. I don't use it for personal use, so a claim that I signed up for, say, concert information is implausible. But for Gary I'll make an exception.

Gary runs Artist in the Sky, LLC, an aerial photography company. A nice, local business. As noted above, Gary spammed my personal email address. I'd be prone to assume a reasonable accident and would have ignored it, until I looked closer at his spam.

Gary's first spam came from "Gary Reeves donotreply@aerialartistic.info" and listed the web site as "http://www.aerial-photo-pro.info". Right. Whatever. A bit odd that his email and web addresses are different.

Gary's second piece of spam came from "G. Reeves donotreply@aerialpixpro.info". Hmmm, he changed his email address. Well, that's okay. It happens. But what is his web site? "http://www.high-rez-aerial.info". Changing your web site is a bad, bad idea. Assuming you are a reputable business, it makes you harder to find and loses any good PageRank you've earned. But maybe Gary decided the cost of changing his web site was worth it. Still odd that his email address isn't at the same location, this would have been a good chance to unify them.

Then, his most recent spam. It's from "Gary Reeves donotreply@airborne-shots.info" and directs me to the web site "http://www.canon5DII-aerials.info". Sorry, Gary. We're beyond reasonable doubt now. You're getting blocked by spam filters because you're spamming. You're jumping domains because you're getting blocked by spam filters. But you keep spamming. At this point you are either willfully spamming, or are extremely stupid. Either way, Gary deserves public humiliation.

Maybe Gary takes great aerial photos. I have no idea. But I know he is a spammer.

Spam History

A log of spam I've received from Gary Reeves, Artist in the Sky, LLC.

 From donotreply@aerialartistic.info  Fri Jun 27 11:38:28 2008                   
 From donotreply@aerialpixpro.info  Fri Jun 26 21:04:22 2009                     
 From donotreply@airborne-shots.info  Wed Aug  5 04:37:09 2009                   

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