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A List of Spammers

These aren't the random scams and drug sales. Those are just the background noise of the internet these days. No, these are scum doing business under their own name. As far as I can tell all are legit businesses that really should know better. They deserve to be singled out for lowering themselves to the level of "Free V1AGRA".

My guidelines are reasonably strict. First, this is only spam received at my business email address. I never register my business email address for personal reasons or for any sort of entertainment. I only subscribe to directly work related mailing lists. I strictly use it for business. I own the entire highprogrammer.com domain for handling my personal email; I have no need to use my business address for personal reasons. Second, the email must be unsolicited, bulk, commercial email. That's the most common definition of spam. Third, I also won't list someone as a spammer if I have any sort of preexisting relationship with them. There are many groups that email me that I wish wouldn't, but with whom I have a business relationship. I may dislike them, but they're not spammers. Given these definitions, I can unequivocally say that these people have spammed me.

Note that I will not use any unsubscribe system. If I didn't subscribe in the first place, why is the burden on me to unsubscribe? Also, Spammers Lie. The majority of spammers are scam artists. Their "unsubscribe" systems are actually used to confirm that you're a real email address and will actually send you more spam! By "unsubscribing" I might actually be signing up for more spam. If I can't trust the business to not spam me in the first place, why should I trust their "unsubscribe" option? Ultimately it might even be a waste of time. For a good example, check out my experience when I foolishly tried to unsubscribe from one spammer.

Companies who have spammed me:

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