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Note: I'm very selective about who I list as a spammer. I'm quite confident in my assessment. The full details on how I decide to list someone as a spammer.

Micropyretics Heaters International (MHI/MXI) is a Spammer

Their spam claims that they sell "U.S. manufactured" products, but the crude list of things they sell screams "creepy Chinese manufacturing company" that I get an endless stream of spam from. What in the world is a "MP1900" element. Why would I want one?

Their spam to me ended with the January 4th message. However, I believe they are spammers and worse they are more interested in silencing public criticism than being an ethical company.

Since I started this project several spammers contacted me to apologize and promise to change their ways. With a reasonably sincere apology and promise I took down their page of shame as it has acomplished its goal. Not so with Micropyretics Heaters International. MHI never contacted me. Instead they bothered other people and tried to get this page removed by going over my head. They had no legit reasons to have my page taken down other than to complain that it might be costing them sales. Yes, indeed, the entire point of criticism of a scummy corporation is to discourage people from using them. It's called a "review" or "criticism". It's protected speech in the US. Trying to silence your critics is the sign of a cowardly company who is probably guilty of the poor service described.

MHI said they removed my email address from their database, but offered not apology or promise to better vet their email lists. They blamed me for not unsubscribing (ignoring that I never subscribed in the first place). From this I can can conclude several things. MHI remain spammers and have no intention of changing their behavior. MHI lacks any ethics. You cannot trust MHI. I would advise against doing business with Micropyretics Heaters International.

(2007-02-13: Fixed "inten" to "intention.")

(2007-04-25: Fixed "their" to "its," mixed plural with singular.)

Spam History

A log of spam I've received from Micropyretics Heaters International (MHI/MXI).

From stopmail@mhi-inc.com  Mon Jul 25 15:14:47 2005
From stopmail@mhi-inc.com  Tue Aug 16 15:54:15 2005
From stopmail@mhi-inc.com  Wed Sep 14 16:23:32 2005
From stopmail@mhi-inc.com  Tue Oct  4 17:01:55 2005
From stopmail@mhi-inc.com  Wed Oct 19 17:05:53 2005
From stopmail@mhi-inc.com  Thu Nov 10 17:11:13 2005
From stopmail@mhi-inc.com  Wed Nov 30 16:56:11 2005
From stopmail@mhi-inc.com  Wed Dec  7 17:10:25 2005
From stopmail@mhi-inc.com  Wed Jan  4 15:59:31 2006

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