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Alan De Smet at 15:51 Apr 7, 2007

I finally got around to putting up my reviews of many of the games I played from the 2006 Interactive Fiction Competition: Another Goddamn Escape the Locked Room Game: 4/10, Enter the Darkness: 1/10, Lawn of Love: 4/10, Moon-Shaped: 8/10, Pathfinder: 5/10, Unauthorized Termination: 7/10, and Xen: The Hunt: 6/10,

Alan De Smet at 15:56 Apr 7, 2007

Upon looking at my other ratings, I downgraded Xen to 5, and Unauthorized Termination to 6 to be more in line with the other reviews.

Eric at 12:56 Jul 22, 2007

You really should concentrate on getting laid. It's a game for God's sake!

Eagle at 7:13 Jul 28, 2007

I wouldn't call this a review, you just basically go into every single bad point about the game, and don't mention many if any positives. Besides, it's a game, not a real life simulator.

Paul at 16:24 Nov 7, 2007

This is just ranting from someone who died often with the game on easy. It may have been easy the first time I played it, but it was damn fun, like do you know how to play re4 with treasure maps? try it out just using your knife for all enemies, actually bothered to snoop around for more than just a box? I mean look for your ammo, I'm gonna get myself a butterfly lamp and sell it to the merchant and get myself an upgrade. The game can be played entirely different, each time, a ton of cut scenes and with an AI that learns, it doesn't always work that things get easy with you having more bullets, since if you don't fire right away, no matter how many bullets you have, the AI will react and dodge from your gun's sighting, and start to charge to catch you off balance, I honestly would enjoy seeing the game that actually made you happy! Considering it sounds like it was a bit too hard for you. Maybe they can make another Mario Party for you to write an essay on.

johnny at 20:45 Dec 8, 2007

umm Eric.... no offense but you're telling this guy to get laid? For the love of whoever you worship, you just finished reading it, but see the difference between you and me is that i read it cause i needed to know a little something i saw in the text, like i said no offense and yeah but you're right with one thing... ITS A GAME DUDE CHILL

george ellison at 16:32 Jan 7, 2008

it took me 50 hrs to bet this game but i can never get the laser to work is there anyone that can tell me how to us the laser so i can be more butter off i just got resident evil the unberella chronicles thanks for everthing

armin tutnjic at 16:06 Aug 2, 2008

resident evil 4 has some minor things wrong with the graphics who agrees?

armin tutnjic at 16:07 Aug 2, 2008

Also it takes like 5-7 shots to kill a person at the start of the game that is gay

Bobby Bob at 11:43 Aug 18, 2008

The main thing this guy needs to realize is that it is just a game. if everything was was realistic then it would be a huge pain in the butt to play. every game is like that because there's a huge difference between games and real life. when developers design games their number one priority is to make the game as fun as it can be. not to make sure everything happens the same way it would in real life.

Josh at 18:01 Sep 1, 2008

just out of curiosity... did Andy Rooney write this article?

me at 12:31 Nov 1, 2009

Well I thought it was a brilliant review;

people shouldn't take this all too seriously.. After playing and enjoying the game, I think it's pretty funny :P

You forgot to mention the fact that Ashley was stuck in that trap for at least an hour, still screaming for help by the time you finally get there... (even after the bad guy kills one of the good guys (forgot their names :P) in that very same room).

Though funny, he does have a valid point, true for all RE episodes so far. If it all feels too artificial, there is no immersion and it becomes less scary :P But enjoyable nontheless

Random Person at 20:22 Jul 29, 2012

armin tutnjic, shoot them in the head, not the body. Of course it'll take 5-7 shots to kill them if your shooting their body. It really only takes 2 rounds.

Secondly; there is nothing wrong the graphics.. Unless your playing the PS2 version (which is downgraded from Gamecube and Wii graphics) then I understand. Resident Evil 4 also used 100% of the Gamecube's potential. It was said that RE4 is the best looking game on the system.

Yeah george; this game also took me probably 30-40 hours or more to beat this on my first try; but Resident Evil 4 was also my best gaming experience I've had in my entire life. It was hard, very hard on first play; but nothing stopped me from liking it. Even flash forwarding 8 years later; I still play it almost every week and beat it countless times. Its a classic.

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