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Weapon Damage Statistics

You know you love power gaming. You'll be happy to know that the two handed sword, erm greatsword, is the most damaging basic weapon in the game. Against the easiest possible target (for which you need to roll anything but 1), you'll do an average of 7.315 damage per hit. The next most lethal is the great axe at 6.792.

An interesting note about damage is that given the same amount of damage a critical of x3 does the same damage over time as a critical of 19-20/x2. The same goes for x4 and 18-20/x2. This is only true, however, as long as the target number to hit your enemy is less than the critical threat range. As soon as you need to roll a critical threat to hit weapons with smaller critical threat ranges do slightly more damage.

Mike McLean pointed out that a weapon's critical range and critical multiplier multiply the average damage over time by the following equation. (R is the critical Range, M is the Multiplier.)

1 + ( R × ( M − 1 ) ) ÷ 20

So for both 19-20/x2 and 20/x3 (R×(M−1)=2, yeilding a multiplier of 1.10 (10% extra). Similarlly for 18-20/x2 and 20/x4 which yields 1.15.

Average is the average damage per stick assuming you need to roll a 2 to hit your target. Select the damage to be taken to a page with averages for every target number from 2 through 20.

Distribution is the distribution of damage. The X axis average damage. The Y axis is that chance of rolling that damage. The black line on the top is for a target number of 2. The grey line at the bottom is for a target number of 20. The remaining lines cover the range from 3 through 19.

1d1 x20.997
1d2 x21.496
1d3 x21.995
1d3 x32.090
1d3 19-20/x22.090
1d3 x42.185
1d3 18-20/x22.185
1d4 x22.494
1d4 x32.613
1d4 19-20/x22.612
1d4 x42.731
1d4 18-20/x22.731
1d6 x23.491
1d6 x33.658
1d6 19-20/x23.658
1d6 x43.824
1d6 18-20/x23.824
1d8 x24.489
1d8 x34.702
1d8 19-20/x24.702
2d4 x24.987
2d4 x35.225
2d4 x45.462
2d4 18-20/x25.463
1d10 x25.486
1d10 x35.747
1d10 19-20/x25.747
1d12 x36.792
2d6 19-20/x27.315